can xbox game pass play with steam golf with friends

Xbox Game Pass and Cross-Platform Play

Cross-platform play, the ability to play games with users on different platforms, has become increasingly popular in recent years. Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service offered by Microsoft, allows players to access a vast library of games on their Xbox consoles or PC. While Xbox Game Pass supports cross-platform play in some games, it ultimately depends on the developers’ decision to enable this feature.

 Golf With Friends: A Multiplayer Experience

Golf With Friends is a multiplayer mini-golf game developed by Blacklight Interactive. It gained popularity for its fun and challenging gameplay, allowing players to compete against each other in various themed courses. The game was initially released on Steam, making it accessible to PC gamers. However, the availability of cross-platform play depends on the developers’ implementation.

 Xbox Game Pass and Golf With Friends Compatibility

Unfortunately, as of the time of writing, there is no official cross-platform play support between Xbox Game Pass and Golf With Friends on Steam. This means that Xbox Game Pass subscribers cannot directly join their friends who are playing the game on Steam. The lack of compatibility may be disappointing for players who were hoping to enjoy Golf With Friends together across different platforms.

Potential Future Developments

While cross-platform play between Xbox Game Pass and Golf With Friends is currently unavailable, it is worth noting that developers often update their games to include new features and expand compatibility. There is a possibility that cross-platform play could be introduced in the future, allowing Xbox Game Pass players to join their friends on Steam. However, it ultimately depends on the decisions made by the developers at Blacklight Interactive.


In conclusion, Xbox Game Pass subscribers currently cannot play Golf With Friends with their friends who are using Steam. The lack of cross-platform play compatibility between these two platforms means that players will need to ensure they are using the same platform to enjoy multiplayer sessions together. While it is disappointing for those who were hoping for cross-platform play, it is important to remember that game developers may introduce compatibility updates in the future. Until then, Xbox Game Pass users can still enjoy the vast library of games available on the platform and find other multiplayer experiences to enjoy with their friends.

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