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If you are a true crime enthusiast, you have probably heard of the popular television series, “The First 48.” This show follows homicide detectives as they investigate real-life murder cases in the first 48 hours after the crime has been committed. If you are looking to watch this show online for free, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways you can watch “The First 48” online without having to pay a dime.

1. Check Out A&E’s Website

One of the easiest ways to watch “The First 48” online for free is by visiting A&E’s website. A&E is the network that produces and airs the show, and they often make episodes available for free on their website. Simply go to A&E’s website and search for “The First 48.” From there, you should be able to find a list of available episodes that you can watch for free.

2. Use the A&E App

If you prefer to watch “The First 48” on your mobile device, you can download the A&E app for free. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and allows you to stream full episodes of “The First 48” for free. Simply download the app, search for “The First 48,” and start watching.

3. Check Out Streaming Services

Another way to watch “The First 48” online for free is by using streaming services that offer free trials. For example, Hulu offers a 30-day free trial that allows you to watch “The First 48” and other A&E shows for free. Similarly, Sling TV offers a 7-day free trial that includes access to A&E and “The First 48.” Just be sure to cancel your subscription before the free trial ends to avoid being charged.

4. Look for Free Episodes on YouTube

YouTube is a great resource for finding free episodes of “The First 48.” Many users upload episodes to the site, and while this may not be the most legal way to watch the show, it is an option if you cannot find it elsewhere. Simply search for “The First 48” on YouTube and see what comes up.

5. Check Out Free TV Streaming Sites

There are many websites that offer free streaming of television shows, including “The First 48.” While these sites may not be legal, they are an option if you cannot find the show elsewhere. Some popular free TV streaming sites include Putlocker, 123Movies, and Popcorn Time.

6. Use a VPN

If you live outside of the United States, you may not have access to “The First 48” on A&E’s website or app. However, you can use a virtual private network (VPN) to bypass geographic restrictions and access the show. Simply download a VPN, connect to a server in the United States, and then access A&E’s website or app as you normally would.

7. Check Out Your Local Library

Believe it or not, your local library may have DVDs of “The First 48” available for checkout. This is a great option if you do not have access to the internet or prefer to watch the show on a DVD player. Simply check with your local library to see if they have any copies available.

8. Ask Friends or Family

If you have friends or family members who are also fans of true crime shows, they may have DVDs or access to “The First 48” online that they can share with you. This is a great way to watch the show for free and bond with loved ones over your shared interests.

9. Follow A&E on Social Media

A&E often posts clips and full episodes of “The First 48” on their social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter. By following A&E on social media, you can stay up-to-date on the latest episodes and catch up on old ones for free.

10. Attend a Watch Party

Finally, consider attending a watch party for “The First 48.” Many bars and restaurants host watch parties for popular television shows, including “The First 48.” This is a great way to watch the show for free while also socializing with other true crime enthusiasts.

In conclusion, there are many ways to watch “The First 48” online for free. From checking out A&E’s website and app to using streaming services and free TV streaming sites, there are options for everyone. Just be sure to use caution when using illegal streaming sites and always prioritize your safety and security when using the internet.

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